Be Happy to Learn from Mistakes

Galti Se Mistake

Can you recall the image below?

Well, let me add one clue: “…Yehi Umar Hai Karle, Galati Se Mistake“.

You guessed it right! Yes, it’s the crazy song from Ranbir Kapoor’s film Jagga Jasoos. Although the film wasn’t a blockbuster one, this particular song went viral. It was trending in almost all channels and playlists as the no.1 track.

The only reason was the lyrics that were put well with the tunes. It had just struck everyone’s mind or thought. To me, and I am sure to most of the people out there, we are not able to memorize the entire lyrics or even half of it. Yet, we still can recall this single line from the song. Because we are able to relate the line with our own situation of doing mistakes.

You might wonder how the concept of mistake is related to Network Marketing and why I am writing a blog on mistakes?

Well, if mistakes are part of our life, it is obviously part of any marketing; be it digital marketing or network marketing.

Perfection is a Myth

These days we have an extreme tenacity to make things perfect. Like, look perfect, dress perfect, have a perfect job, perfect partner, perfect in-laws, perfect kids; and any other kinds of stuff that is directly or indirectly related to make our lives perfect.

But, the pain point is ‘perfection is a myth’. So while they say “practice makes a man perfect", doesn’t mean one can achieve 100%. It means practice brings improvement. It is always a work in progress.

Converse to Communicate

A conversation becomes your communication if the words are authentically chosen.

Marketing is always a gimmick. Everyone is trying to showcase the competitor’s loopholes and highlighting their own product/service. But it is really the quality of any product or the service that ultimately helps to scale your business. So why not focus on the authentic tone of words that best describes the product/service?

In this Modicare Network Marketing business, good friendly authentic communication is all that is required to convince the prospect to join your team.

Because, you have nothing to hide/fake regarding the plan, the products or the profile of the company. It is already existing and will get exposed on a single search/click by the prospect. So, better be authentic on your approach that will help to strengthen your relationship in the future.

This is the advantage of getting associated with a proven business model that has the legacy of creating history in generating passive money. Yes, it is the 25 years old Modicare, the fastest-growing company in the direct selling industry.

For example: When I am communicating that Modicare offers 100% money-back guaranteed products, the customer is getting an idea of the quality of the products. They become aware of the company’s confidence from the words ‘100% money-back guaranteed’. So the words will also match whenever they are going to use the products and feel the difference in the quality. This will allow the company to retain its old customers and grow continuously with new customers as well.

How often do you feel Happy when you fail?

It is very awkward to feel happy about failure, isn’t it?

But, Deepak Sir from digitaldeepak taught us that awkwardness is the indicator that you are learning. We all start from somewhere with the aim to reach some other place. Had we known the right path, we could have reached there directly. But we don’t know the direct path and that is the fact.

But, if we don’t make mistakes we will miss all the adventures and lessons that behold the success we achieve while exploring our destination. So making yourself feel easy with awkwardness is the mantra to be happy about failure. As they say, ‘You either win or learn, there is nothing called failure’.

As part of the business, we are entitled to receive pieces of training after joining the business. It is taught very efficiently that the more we are open to accepting failures, the more will be our scope to expand and grow. It is evident that each prospect will not become your customer. Rather, everyone cannot be the prospect of any single business.

And it is also true that even if someone is a very positive prospect but initially we might fail to convince him for one or the other reason. So the more glad you will be able to make yourself feel, the more you can explore and learn.

Because these failures will act as the pillars to strengthen your future prospects where you will learn to be more authentic in your communication.

Focus on the bigger picture

When we are talking about network marketing with Modicare, it might seem that everyone is our customer. While to a major extent it’s true, but we need to focus on the center and not on the border. So we need to understand the bigger picture and work on it.

Being associated with Modicare, I know it is one of the best companies in the direct selling industry. It offers a range of more than 500 products that we need to use on a daily basis. It is also true that the business model is very simple. The business model is based on a 3 step process: Self Use -> Share -> Sponsor.

But we need to understand the fact that we are offering business with a basic level of consumer items, nutritional products, and cosmetics. Although each and every household requires the products, yet, the user might not have the interest to start a business on the same.

There are several factors that might act as a hindrance to it.

     — The very primary reason being not having the mindset to explore and nurture a new product.

     — Second could be the absence of advertisements and promotional activities.

     — Third reason is, there is no celebrity involved to endorse the products.

     — Fourth is, people are not aware of the scope that network marketing has.

     — Fifth could be that they lack the education on generating passive income.

While a few more reasons can be listed, it can be assumed that whatever is visible around, we trust them blindly. And we always block opportunities to enter our life mainly because of the fear of failure or rejection.

Hence to set a starting point, we can approach the business from 2 different perspectives.

      — The user group – the group of people who can just look for the products they use and remain as user if they get the trust and confidence in the quality of the product after using them.

     — The career seeker group – the group of people who can continue as their own business, build their team and earn money growing as a networker.

For both the groups, the primary role is to use the products and gain trust on the quality that the company is offering them. Therefore, Trust is the bigger picture which we should focus on and build our customer’s confidence in the company’s potentiality.

So who is your customer?

We know that customer is the king.

But do we know who all are our customers? How do they look? Where do they reside? What do they do? And what do they want?

The answer to this is to find an answer. That is, we need to identify from the mass, who are the ones we need to target our business?

Here is a survey form I have created to understand my customer avatar. It takes 2-3 minutes to fill the form.

Based on the report, My Customer Avatar is someone who;

  1. belongs to the age group of 20-35 years
  2. open to accept opportunities and read self-improvement books
  3. residing in any city
  4. Can be both male and female
  5. not really satisfied with his/her job or looking for a job/still a student
  6. no scope of getting pension after retirement
  7. doesn’t travel – due to expenses/time shortage
  8. willing to learn how to use money work for him/her
  9. eager to earn passive income without any investment
  10. have dreams to live life big – like buying a car, own a house and traveling frequently

However, this is a generalized customer avatar and variation always remains.

To Conclude

Identifying the customer is very important for targeting in any particular business. We always face challenges to what we already know. But our learning from the mistakes helps us to create new beliefs and hence changes the thought process. We learn to visualize things with much clarity as and how we gain experience.

Network Marketing is easy and Modicare business model is the simplest one. It is already a proven model and is generating huge income to the customers who has the potential to learn from the company.

I hope by now you are really excited to join and explore the opportunities mentioned.

Want to explore the Magic concept of earning Unlimited?

So to start with, you need to enroll as a Modicare consultant;

How to Join Modicare?

Visit the Link to BECOME A CONSULTANT:
1. Use SPONSOR ID: 72355393 [Aparajita Bose – This name will appear ]
2. Fill the form with required details
3. Upload the required documents
4. Submit the form
5. Registration process complete.
6. You will receive your MCA Id and password instantly.

To join Modicare or any related queries you can email us at [email protected]

Documents required to complete joining formalities

The documentation process is very simple and easy. You need the mentioned documents to join Modicare.
1. KYC document (Adhar Card, Voter ID, Passport or Driving License) for address verification.
2. Pan Card for identification.
3. Canceled Cheque for the banking transaction.

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